Transform yourself into a one-of-a-kind avatar with Powerpuff Yourself! The super cute, mega chibi style avatar maker is bigger and better than ever. Create, dress up, personalise and take your character to the next level.
Since the original browser based avatar maker came out, I've been helping sustain the app version with asset packs including outfits, props, animals and themes. 

This version was 'pets' themed and celebrated our many animal friends. Assets are sketched in photoshop then drawn in vector format on illustrator.
First round of pets I drew. Most of these were scrapped since they matched the TV show style but needed to be a bit more cute and simplified.
The brief specifically requested more cats and dogs so I tried to come up with some classical breeds and colour options
Final assets with colour variants

Also requested were some animal onesies for the outfits section of the app. 
Social media promos supporting the app update were also made for distribution.
Bonus: Social media image for National Pet Day using unused preliminary assets created.
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