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An 11 year old Iella making a model in papier mache'.

Hi, I'm iella! A migrant from sunny Malta, resident in London, UK. Primarily a designer and visual artist, my exciting career path has moulded me into a creative industry unicorn: digital multimedia specialist, illustrator, storyboarder, consumer product designer, board game designer, and graffiti artist!
I graduated with a BA in Art History from the University of Malta in 2011, followed by an MA in Communication Design (illustration) at Kingston University in 2013. 
My personal work is influenced by 90s animation, video games and nature. It tends to be figurative and representational, and I often explore themes of fantasy, climate change, existentialism and personal experiences. 
I'm an active sketchbook keeper and life drawing fanatic. You'll often find me in different London drawing groups.

In 2014 I was hired by Warner Media / Cartoon Network where I worked as a designer and illustrator till August 2023, when I decided to go freelance.

Selected client list includes:


EVERYDAY PEOPLE, April 2023, Christine X Art Gallery, Sliema, Malta
DYING PLANET, 2022, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, Malta
Take me home part 3, 2022, Solo exhibition, M2 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Take me home part 2, 2021, Solo exhibition, Desko, Valletta, Malta
Take me home part 1, 2021, Solo exhibition, Hoxton 253 Art Project Space,  London, UK


Royal Society of British Artists (RBSA) annual exhibition, 2024, Group Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.
Gegwigija 7.0, 2023, Group Exhibition, Rosa Kwir, Malta.
From Illustration to Book, Malta book fair, 2023, Group Exhibition, MFCC, Malta.
WOM Collective: WOM INSPIRED 23, Group exhibition, Penge East outdoor gallery, London, UK
The Affordable Art Fair London - Spring 2023 edition, Art Fair, Under Christine X Curated, London, UK
The Nude '21, 2021, Group exhibition, Candid arts trust, London, UK
Artna (Our Land) 2020, Group exhibition, Online
Larger than Life! 2020, Group exhibition, Desko, Valletta
Selfie 2014, Studio 104, Group exhibition, Valletta
Strange People Illustration Show, 2014, FZ FIFTEEN, Taipei,Taiwan
Kingston University illustration MA group show 2013, London, UK
Flow 2012, FLOW Showroom launch at: FLOW, Lija, Malta

Art residencies

BigCi - Bilpin International ground for creative initiatives, Artist in residence July 2023, regional Sydney, NSW, Australia

Prizes and Grants

Arts Council Malta, 2023, Project support grant for ‘MIGRATION NATION’
Arts Council Malta, 2023, Training grant for ‘Royal drawing School, Autumn Intensive’
Arts Council Malta, 2020, Project support grant for ‘Take me Home’

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