Thursday 1st September – Sunday 9th October 2022
Dying Planet is a solo exhibition of illustrations and paintings about climate anxiety and existential dread by illustrator, designer and visual artist, ‘iella’ (Daniela Attard) a body of illustration work and paintings focusing on climate anxiety and existential dread.
‘Also known as eco-distress or climate-anxiety, eco-anxiety was defined by the American Psychological Association in 2017 as “a chronic fear of environmental doom”. Strange figurative work and characters will serve as modern allegories and will hopefully instil responses for the viewer. The work will focus on the global impact of climate change with some reference to local issues. This exhibition will mark a return to traditional painting for the artist, who has been focused on their media career and digital illustration since entering the professional creative field in 2014.
Artist and Curator
Daniela Attard
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